Double-Sided Adhesive
Double-sided adhesive tape used to attach K&K pickups.
Foam for Banjo Twin
4 pairs of semi-circle shaped, white foam tape mounting pieces
Gold Strapnut (add to Pure Pickup)
Gold strapnut for Pure Pickups
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International Adapter for Preamp Power Supply
International Adapter for K&K's Preamp Power Supply
Meridian Clamp
Clamp for attaching Meridian Microphone
Meridian Preamp Power Supply
Auxiliary power supply for Meridian Preamp
Power Supply for K&K Battery-Operated Preamps
Power supply for K&K 9-volt battery-powered preamps
Preamp Table
A high-quality magnetized table that allows you to keep your K&K preamps...
Vintage Jack (add to Pure Pickup)
Add a Vintage Jack to a Pure Pickup
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