Acoustic Guitar Pickups & Microphones

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Definity System
Definity System
Compression pickup, well-suited for floating bridge instruments. With preamp.
Double Helix Soundhole Pickup
The Double Helix is a hum-cancelling, dual-coil pickup for steel-string...
Fanta Classic
Fantastick Classic
Undersaddle pickup for nylon-string guitar.
Fanta Western
Fantastick Western
Undersaddle pickup for steel-string guitar.
Gold Strapnut
Gold Strapnut (add to Pure Pickup)
Gold strapnut for Pure Pickups
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Meridian Clamp
Meridian Clamp
Clamp for attaching Meridian Microphone
Meridian Guitar
Meridian External Guitar Microphone
External guitar microphone
Meridian Preamp
Meridian Preamp
Basic Preamp for Meridian Microphone
Meridian Preamp:Meridian Pro Preamp
Meridian Pro Preamp
Professional preamp for Meridian Microphone
Onboard Trinity
Onboard Trinity System
Pickup/Mic Combo System with Onboard Preamp
PowerMix Pure
PowerMix Pure System
Combines the Pure pickup and the FanTaStick undersaddle pickup, with onboard...
PowerMix Pure XT
PowerMix Pure XT System
Combines the Pure pickup and the FanTaStick undersaddle pickup, with external...
Pre-Phase Miniature Preamp
Single-channel internal preamp for the Pure pickup that provides volume...
Pure 12-String
Pure 12-String
Our signature Pure Pickup for 12-String guitar
Pure Classic
Pure Classic
Our signature Pure Pickup for nylon-string guitars
Pure Floating Bridge
Pure Floating Bridge Pickup
Two-head transducer especially designed for floating bridges.
Pure Maccaferri XT
Pure Maccaferri XT
External pickup for Maccaferri/Selmer/Gypsy Guitars
Pure Mini
Pure Mini
Our signature Pure Pickup for steel-string guitar