Bass Pickups & Microphones

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Bass Master Pro
Bass Master Pro
Combines the Bass Max and Double Big Twin pickups. Includes a 2-channel preamp.
Bass Master RB
Bass Master RB
Specifically for slap bass players, this system combines the Bass Max with a...
Bass Max
Bass Max
Wing-slot, double-piezo transducer.
Double Big Twin
Double Big Twin
Upright bass pickup with four 3/4" diameter pickups amplify each string for...
Fingerboard Pickup
Single pickup for capturing fingerboard sounds.
Golden URB
Golden Bullet URB
External microphone for upright bass.
Golden Trinity
Golden Trinity System
Combines the Golden Bullet URB Microphone with either a Bass Max or a Double...
Pure Bass
Pure Bass
Acoustic bass guitar pickup, 4- and 5-string models available.