Other Instrument Pickups

Aloha Twin
Dual-sensor internal ukulele pickup
Banjo Twin
Two-pickup system designed to reproduce the true banjo sound with very...
Big Island Spot
Single-sensor, internal ukulele pickup for quick and easy installation
Custom Product
Custom Product
Definity System
Compression pickup, well-suited for floating bridge instruments. With preamp.
Hot Harmonica
Harmonica Pickup
Hot Spot Internal
Hot Spot with internal-mount endpin jack.
Mandolin Twin Fusion
Internal Mandolin pickup with external jack
Mandolin Twin Internal
Internal mandolin pickup
Pure Floating Bridge Pickup
Two-head transducer especially designed for floating bridges.
Pure Piano
Triple-head transducer system for both upright and grand piano.
Twin Spot
Dual head pickup for a wider frequency range, 1/2" discs, external mount system.
Twin Spot Internal
Twin Spot with internal-mount endpin jack
Triple-head violin and viola pickup with perfect tone balance.
Violinissimo Pro
Violinissimo with carpenter jack.