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Power Supply for Quantum Preamps

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Price: $31.00
Product ID : quantum-powersupply



YES: Quantum Blender, Pure XLR Mach 2, Meridian Preamp (not Pro)

NO: Trinity Pro Preamp, PowerMix Pure XT, Bass Master Rockabilly, Bass Master Pro, Dual Channel Pro, Dual Channel Pro ST, Meridian Pro Preamp, Mini Mixer
These preamps use the Power Supply for K&K Battery-Operated Preamps

More about the Preamp Power Supplies

This power supply is rated for input voltage of 110-220V. Some power grids may exceed this range (UK may be up to 240V). We advise against using this power supply in countries that supply over 220V and we are not liable for any damage to the power supply or your equipment.

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